30% of Colombia has presence of illegal mining

30% of Colombia has presence of illegal mining

The mining association calls for urgent penalties to be established to combat this crime

In the framework of the National Congress of Mining, which is held in Cartagena, the President of this sector, said that 30% of the Colombian territory is exploited in an illegal way, affecting the environment considerably and creating unfair competition between those who exert the formal exploitation.


“30% of Colombia, has the presence of illegal, illicit exploitation of minerals, which draws attention, and worries about the level of pollution of rivers, environmental impact and population, and loss of wealth.” That is why the urgent appeal to more important penalties for this crime, said Santiago Urdinola.


In this regard, they request the Congress of the Republic to accelerate the vote on the bill, which contemplates the regulation of illegal mining.


“Our call is that before 20 June a bill is debated in the Congress of the Republic,” that accumulated between parliamentary initiative projects and government projects, where this regulatory framework already exists, now what is there is to give it a haste in the vote, so that it is promptly a law of the Republic “, emphasized Urdinola.


For its part, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Germán Arce Zapata, said what is necessary the regulation and operations of the local authorities against illegal mining in their territories.


“There are rulers who turn a blind eye, you can’t get a 10-ton machine without anyone seeing them, it’s impossible.” There are local authorities that should be raising the alerts of how the dredges arrive that we are finding, for example in the middle of the jungles of Chocó, said Arce.


The Minister in response to the mining sector said that the government hopes that from Congress the bill will be approved, which will allow control of this informal activity.

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