25 Julio, 2017

Weekly report apr 21 / 2017

19 Abril, 2017

Emerald producers request that industry policies are not based on gold only

As part of the first Forum of formalization of the emerald sector, the emerald producers jointly asked the Government to provide clear rules for the entire mining […]
19 Abril, 2017
Cajamarca, Mining, Communities

Communication in the Mining Industry

Mining sector faces a dilemma: continue interacting with communities as it comes, or have other frameworks of understanding? Six thousand inhabitants of Cajamarca have just shout […]
17 Abril, 2017
Colombia, Mining, Cajamarca, Legal, Environmental

Cajamarca: After Voting “No”

The legal status of mining in Colombia is in such regulatory uncertainty that a solution can only be found in the light of hermeneutics. This discipline […]
17 Abril, 2017
Colombia, Mining, Cajamarca, Legal, Environmental

Deception in Cajamarca: An Opinion

Cajamarca and the popular consultation, left the future of economic development in Colombia and set the base for an even more aggresive tax reform than that […]
17 Abril, 2017
Cajamarca, Consultas Mineras, Legal, Mineria, Mining, Gold, Colombia

The future of Cajamarca; Between mining and agro-industry

La Colosa mine has a projection of 28 million ounces of gold and is valued at $45 billion, but it is in a region which is […]
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