Colombia Mining

21 Julio, 2017

Mining sector grows despite the threat of legal uncertainty (Mining Congress Balance)

During the installation of the third National Congress of Mining, this Thursday in Cartagena, spokespersons of the sector expressed that the mining locomotive was reactivated, but […]
21 Julio, 2017

Mining sector proposes new revision to the model of royalties

The guild also warns about the advancement of illegal mining.   The President of the Colombian Mining Association (ACM), Santiago Ángel, said that it is necessary […]
21 Julio, 2017

30% of Colombia has presence of illegal mining

The mining association calls for urgent penalties to be established to combat this crime In the framework of the National Congress of Mining, which is held […]
21 Julio, 2017

Institutionality is promoting illegal mining: Ordoñez

It is necessary to deal with the Constitutional Court because it has been in charge of making justice impossible for all the sectors, including the mining, that […]
21 Julio, 2017

Popular consultations, in the eye of the mining hurricane

After strikes, marches and protests, the mining industry and the State lost $1 trillion in 2016, said the Colombian Mining Association. In some countries, like Colombia, […]
21 Julio, 2017

Copper would be the new mining engine for Colombia

The National Mining Agency (ANM) counted last December 8,866 mining titles (6,725 of them in the exploitation stage), basically, to take advantage of building materials (40%), […]
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