Popular consultation at Cajamarca getting ready

Popular consultation at Cajamarca getting ready

Gold Mining, Community Consultation, Mining Legislation, Colombia Mining

Even when the atypical elections for mayor in Cajamarca are over, the mining popular consultation scheduled for this Sunday, March 26, cannot has been detached from the candidates who have polarized the municipality.

The abstentionism promoter committee, authorized to distribute advertising has delivered flyers which specifies: “voting in the query is to vote for Julio Roberto and Gustavo Petro.” Cajamarca is not Communist”, and some councillors in their social networks have shared videos that promote abstentionism, depicting not only the former candidate, but also political leaders from the left and from the Liberal Party in Tolima.

The former President of the Constitutional Court, Luis Ernesto Vargas, cajamarcuno said: “it surprises me and it leaves me dumbfounded, that someone dares to make claims of similar spirit, popular consultations are mechanisms of citizen participation (…), that has nothing to do with ideologies of left or right, the idea is to defend the political Constitution of 1991 and some very emblematic that we know constitutional rights” fundamental and human”.

Former candidate Julio Roberto, in a statement, invited his followers to vote in the query, while people that made part of the campaign of Mayor-elect, Pedro Marín, they would be urging citizens to abstention on Sunday.


The Registrar office, by resolution, set up that they will reduce from 35 to 18 tables for the election day of the popular consultation, passing from 490 voters by table to 980: there will be a table both the corregimiento Anaime, El Cajon, and 16 tables shall be taken in the city.

The Minister of the Interior, Juan Fernando Cristo, who chairs the National Commission for the coordination and monitoring of the electoral process, appointed a task force to convene today, at 9 in the morning, to a virtual election monitoring Committee, chaired by the national Government in the company of the entities that make up the Commission of election monitoring in the Department so do supervision at the process of Cajamarca.

El Nuevo Día could learn that the Ministry would have the intention of requesting the change of date of the popular consultation to generate greater guarantees, but the registry has already printed ballots and all the logistics list to develop the citizen participation mechanism on Sunday, and change the date would have to change the stationery, which would have an additional cost.

According to the schedule, the qualifying, accreditation, and publication of electoral witnesses will be fulfilled Friday from 5 in the afternoon; that same day, scrutiny commissions earn immunity. Gold Mining, Community Consultation, Mining Legislation, Colombia Mining

On the other hand, on Saturday political advertising must be removed and at 6 o’clock on that day will start the “dry law (no alcohol)” to comply with the voting on Sunday.


18 tables vote will be available in Cajamarca on Sunday, as long as residents go to the polls.


5.438 people need who come to vote so that the mechanism of citizen participation to be valid.


Originally posted in El Nuevo Día, written by Heryk Farfan.

Original Article: http://www.elnuevodia.com.co/nuevodia/actualidad/politica/314016-se-caldea-la-consulta-popular-de-cajamarca


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