Colombia has 18 new mining operation zones

Colombia has 18 new mining operation zones

These are the areas that are located in the center and the east of the country, and also have potential for the production of gold, copper and phosphate.

The country has 18 new prospective areas for the exploration and production of gold, copper, phosphate and uranium, revealed the Colombian Geological Service (SGC), at the Congress of the Colombian Mining Association.


The information is being organized for promotion in the country and at international level by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the National Mining Agency.


“By order of the national government, the exact location of these prospective areas is not yet being given to create expectation, as well as to prevent illegality in these areas,” says Gloria Prieto, technical director of mineral Resources at the SGC.


After 2012, the entity for geological studies received from the general system of royalties (SGR) 2% of resources, which were invested in studies and geoscientific research for the mining monitoring in several areas of the country.


Thus, with geophysical procedures, a first analysis was developed on no less than 100 targets of exploration. To give more precision to possible deposits of the minerals mentioned above, we went to the geochemistry technique where 30 points of interest were found in the central area of the country and 20 other points in the eastern region.


“This information is important for the mining sector because in addition to strengthening the competitiveness of the country in this industry, it clears the panorama to reach new investment to expand its production,” said Silvana Habib, president of the National Mining Agency. The functionary also said that with these new areas it helps to better plan the sector to promote the geological potential more strategically. “The investor the first thing he analyzes is that there are reserves of geologically proven minerals.”


It should be remembered that the minerals referenced, whose volume is not yet calculated, are part of a list of eleven qualified strategic interest and that are part of the coal, platinum, iron, coltan, magnesium, potassium and emeralds.


In addition, the SGC studies, with evidences in Metallogenic tests support that there are deposits in the basement with a high feasibility to develop economically profitable deposits. “There is already more geological and cartographic information to strengthen mining operations in the country,” says Santiago Ángel Urdinola, stating that the potential is already demonstrated and that now the challenge is to bring new investment. “For every 1,000 early stages there is 100 project, and from there only a mine is conceived”, he clarifies.


The SGC study was developed over 420,000 square kilometers of the country, distributed in the Andean area, the Amazon and the Orinoco.

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