Institutionality is promoting illegal mining: Ordoñez

Institutionality is promoting illegal mining: Ordoñez

It is necessary to deal with the Constitutional Court because it has been in charge of making justice impossible for all the sectors, including the mining, that as it goes, there will be legislation for the 300 mining municipalities of the country, said the prosecutor.


One thing was clear during the mining Congress that takes place in Cartagena, the mining areas have enormous social inequality and the state does nothing to give a better way of life to those inhabitants who do not benefit from the territory a royalty.


That is why in his speech during the first National Mining Congress and referring to the popular consultations that have been put as a weapon of the community to oppose mining, in several territories of the country, the prosecutor Alejandro Ordoñez Maldonado said that “who today promotes illegal mining is institutionality, judicial decisions and populism of the Constitutional Court promote illegality.” There is a constitutional populism and a legal uncertainty from administrative disorder, he said.


He explained that there is a fiscal asphyxiation of the state that has been responsible for curbing projects or oversizing threats that are counter-productive to the mining sector in the country, “the topics of popular consultations to oppose illegal mining, the only ones that benefit are those engaged in exploiting illegal mining, devastating areas and causing enormous damage to the environment.


Clumsy mining policy
By working the conscience of the citizens that frightens the legal companies, these companies leave and the mineral is there, which facilitates the action of the criminals who take the exploitation by means of the violence, they rob the state, because they do not leave dividends and profit from “a clumsy mining policy and the blindness of the state” It is very clear that there is a total dehairing in terms of mining vision for the future and ” “A strong institutionality that enforces law, but we are in total absence of the state.”


When asked about the intention of the mining company to exploit gold in the area of the Cordillera de Santurbán, the prosecutor Ordoñez Maldonado pointed out that “there have to be many clarity.” Mining companies must be required to comply with the law. That they fulfill a plan with the standards in environmental and social matters, only thus they can comply with the law rigorously and enter into the legality and the sustainability in the exercise of the extractive mining activity.


The important thing in Santurbán is to guarantee the environment, to achieve sustainability and to achieve an environmental, social and mining balance.
There is anarchy because they face ministry against Ministry, Corporation against Corporation or corporation against ministries and becomes a total disorder, concluded Alejandro Ordoñez Maldonado.

Originally posted in El Frente, written by Enrique Narváez Benítez.

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