25 Julio, 2017

Weekly report apr 21 / 2017

21 Julio, 2017

The challenges to secure more foreign investment for mining

This week the Mining Guild of the country carries out its annual congress in the city of Cartagena. Last year’s mining GDP recorded a growth of […]
21 Julio, 2017

For land restitution, 69 cancelled mining titles

In 17 departments of the country 129 sentences affecting the extractive sector have been proferred. In addition to the Constitutional Court rulings that have in check […]
21 Julio, 2017

The “boom” of popular consultations

Now comes Cumaral, Meta, on June 4. The debate on the costs and benefits of oil and mining exploitation is on the table. How to solve […]
21 Julio, 2017

Colombia: Mining companies want to invest US$7,6 billion if there are guarantees

A better performance of the country’s mining activity, as a result of the recovery of coal, gold and nickel prices mainly, led companies in the sector to […]
21 Julio, 2017

Colombia has 18 new mining operation zones

These are the areas that are located in the center and the east of the country, and also have potential for the production of gold, copper […]
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