Popular consultation against mining in Santander

Popular consultation against mining in Santander

Legal, Mining, Colombia, Santander

Legal, Mining, Colombia, Santander

Simultaneously, majors from San Vicente del Chucuri and Carmen del Chucuri promote an initiative for a popular vote in relation to the future of the mining industry, which covers large areas in those territories.

The controversy still remains after the Cajamarca popular consultation, to stop mining in that territory, and there are already two municipalities of Santander collecting signatures for embarking on the same process. Legal, Mining, Colombia, Santander

They are San Vicente de Chucurí and El Carmen de Chucurí towns which have much of its territory with mining titles granted.

In recent days, several of the members of Santander moved to El Carmen de Chucurí to lead a decentralized session, during which expressed their iron support for the popular consultation against mining.

“El Carmen has 20 mining titles granted, mostly for the exploitation of coal in total. The municipality has 94 thousand hectares of which 23 thousand hectares have mining titles. It is almost 25% of the territory of El Carmen de Chucurí, that is a concessioned for the exploitation of coal”, the President of the Assembly of Santander, Carlos Alberto Morales revealed.

The Mayor of that town, Isaías Rueda, said that the mining titles are located in the South of the municipality, while the North is further restricted because the land is part of the Serranía de Los Yariguíes Natural Park.

“If we go up National Parks tell us that is theirs. If ‘start’ down mining groups tells us that is of them”, said the President.


In San Vicente

Another nearby town which already anticipates the collection of at least two thousand signatures, that are necessary to lead people to the polls, is San Vicente de Chucurí.

“In our municipality, about 50% of the territory is concessioned to mining titles, mostly coal.” At this time none of them is exploding and what we want, in fact, is to avoid entering operation these titles,”said Omar Acevedo, Mayor of San Vicente. Legal, Mining, Colombia, Santander

Originally posted in Vanguardia, written by Sonia Luz Suarez

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