Reputation, the great challenge of the mining industry

Reputation, the great challenge of the mining industry

Colombian mining is facing several challenges this year: improving its competitiveness, achieving greater legal certainty and strengthening its reputation.
This was said by the President of the Colombian Mining Association (ACM), Santiago Ángel Urdinola, in the installation of the annual Mining Sector Congress held at the Hilton Hotel in Cartagena.
In dialogue with El Colombiano, the leader stated that “we need to be more competitive.” “This is an industry that competes with large companies in the world, therefore requires adequate labor costs, an environmental legislation that is on par with the needs of the business and that there is agility in the paperwork.”
He added that it is also essential to have a legal certainty to ensure that investors maintain investment flows in the country. “The decisions of justice have been unfortunate, in many ways, and that is why we call for norms to allow us to continue working for the development of Colombia.”
Angel also insisted that mining should work in conjuntion with communities. “What we have to achieve is a change in the sense that the communities around the projects can be partners in the initiatives, and the strategy of productive linkages (making local companies a supplier of mining companies) is a good formula.”
It is imperative for the President of the ACM that mining companies should get closer to the communities. “Something we have to work on is about the fallacies that are created around this activity.” “The worst thing the industry can do in the face of this phenomenon is to keep quiet, so companies can’t hide.”
For his part, the Minister of Mines, Germán Arce, said that “we need to build confidence among the parties involved in mining activity in Colombia, between the national, regional and municipal governments, the productive sector and the communities.”
The official recalled that well done mining is a legitimate economic activity that has historically benefited the country, in terms of employment, taxes and royalties, bringing development and wellbeing to regions and Colombians, “well-made mining generates about 1,700,000 jobs in the last five years, has contributed to the country, only in royalties , more than 10 trillion pesos. “

Originally posted in El Colombiano, written by Ferney Arias Jiménez

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