Investor Relations Services

The Colombian Mining Center and Latin American Gold Center provides a unique comprehensive coverage and IR support service in English and Spanish with collaborators in Europe, North and South America. We target through our websites, exclusive mailing list of industry professionals and high net worth investors, market awareness of our advertisers and research coverage public companies in the Colombian and Latin American precious metals sector.

Our service provides not only market awareness in English, but also in Spanish to serve the interests of the growing South American interest in junior and senior mining stocks. Our team collaborates with several know market commenters and analysts. We have through an affiliated company our own team of geologists, mine engineers and metallurgists, brokerage analysts, financial reporting specialists, and sustainability government affairs specialists. This provides us with a wider scope to many commentators for evaluation.

We provide:

  • Consulting on due diligence, project and market valuation, market awareness
  • Cost-Effective and Targeted Market Awareness, Advertising and Investor Relations services
  • Company Profile and Company Research Coverage
  • Our proprietary Colombian Mining Index

Your company has been included in our Colombian Mining Index, and we would like to have the opportunity to present our services and learn more about your company.

Advertising and Market Awareness

Colombia Mining Center (CMC) provides different levels of advertising and market awareness for our clients ranging from a basic market package to an annual investor relations service to augment your internal and external investor relations.

Your company is already in our database as one of the companies in our Colombian Mining Index, and with a short company profile available on our website.

Basic Market Awareness Advertising

  • Banner Advertisement on Our Website
  • Free distribution through our “Investor Alert” of key press releases ( up to 5) per year , with summary commentary in English and Spanish
  • Posting of Press Releases on our general news page
  • Highlighted listing in our company directory
  • Advanced Market Awareness Advertising and Investor Relations
  • All of the above plus a commitment for a minimum of one company research report per year
  • All press releases on news page
  • Quarterly review on our Market News Alert
  • Enhanced Banner Advertising on Home Page, Company Director and Research Report Pages

Investor Relations

The above as needed plus we handle investor communication by phone and email in Spanish

Tailored programs including strategic collaboration with outside IR providers in the USA and Europe.

Hispanic Market Awareness

There is a growing market in Latin America and in North America of investors looking at precious metal stocks without market awareness targeted at Spanish-speaking investors. CMC provides a specialized Spanish-language market awareness program including press release commentary in Spanish through our proprietary mailing list, phone support, and website advertising.

This can be an excellent “add-on” feature to an existing investor relations program to expand market awareness to a growing untapped market for new shareholders.

Welcome to Colombia Mining Center!
We are a mining information portal that presents news and updates as they are seen inside Colombia and from the world, bringing together the whole picture for mining investment in Colombia. Here you will find:
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  • 2) Relevant news from the Colombia mining industry from Colombia and international sources.
  • 3) A weekly snapshot with stock performance of mining companies with assets in Colombia, along with key investment metric and powerful investment tools and insight.
  • 4) Quarterly investment analysis, industry updates and special coverage reports.
  • 5) A set of technical and legal resources to complement your mining investment research.